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24 // Hofbrauhaus

This is a late post, I know! I was running around all day yesterday doing all kinds of things, and I didn’t have time to write. But last night, I went to Hofbrauhaus for my friend Amanda’s 24th birthday. She usually likes going here for her birthday. Since Saturday has been deemed my day to eat whatever I’d like, I ordered the Jaegerschnitzel with buttered spaetzle and german potato salad. I got one of the light beers, and all of it was way tasty. We didn’t get to sit in the Bier Hall but that was okay with me. We were out in the side dining room, and you can actually hear yourself think in there. There were a bunch of people there that I went to college with, so it was nice seeing them. I did one of the Shotskis. Haven’t done that since New Year’s. It’s kind of embarrassing because the entire room looks at you while you’re doing it and starts cheering and clapping, but we all survived.


23 // Live Music

Concerts make me so incredibly happy. Tonight, my friend Morgan and I were planning on wandering about Sewickley to find some fun class to take during weeknights. Instead, we decided to go trek to Pittsburgh for a show. A girl from my high school, Brooke Annibale, was playing at the New Hazlett Theater tonight. I think it’s been so interesting watching her progress. I used to listen to her sing during Moon’s 4th of July celebration, back when she was just starting out.

Tonight, there were 4 performers at this Songwriter Spotlight event. Brooke, the lead singer from a band called Space Pimps (he was shockingly great, reminded me of Ryan Key from Yellowcard), the lead singer from Punchline (!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited !!!!!!!!) and Harrison (formerly of The Morning Light — yet another high school reference, Andy McDonald and Bobby Garver were in that band) all got to sing a few songs individually, and then sung together in the end.

The venue was pretty cool. We all got to sit, and everyone had a good view of the performers. Brooke sounded amazing, as I knew she would. I need to pick up her CD. I was also pleasantly blown away by the lead of Punchline. I’ve loved his band and his voice since high school, when my one friend Andrew would play Punchline’s debut album, “Action,” constantly in the car on the way to school. Harrison left me feeling lukewarm. Maybe it’s because I knew two of the guys in his old band, and have an inkling of how things unraveled for all of them. Guy from Space Pimps was hilarious, and his voice was so strong.

All in all, it was a great gig. I’d go see some people there again, and now I have new albums to research and new bands to look into. I like that the Punchline lead guy is going solo a bit (while also recording with his band still). My iPod could use updating.

20 // Dance Moms

Maybe it’s because these insane people live in Pittsburgh, but I just can’t stop watching Dance Moms. If you’ve been living under a rock, I’ll fill you in on the premise of the show. One crazy dance teacher. Four (consistent) crazy moms. And now, a few extra lunatics thrown in – a rival dance studio owner and some other mothers who are trying to parade their daughters on camera for a few minutes of fame.

I can’t get enough of this show. Abby Lee and her minions. I feel bad for the daughters because more often than not, at least one of them looks completely miserable. I haven’t yet fathomed how the moms just let Abby yell at their kids like that. One mother tends to threaten to walk out of the studio at least every week, but it hasn’t happened yet. Why? Perhaps she liked her visit to The View a little too much.

I’m planning on watching this show tonight with my friend Sara since she’s finally back from grad school for a bit. I’m bringing over a bottle of wine and we will sit there and laugh hysterically at the ridiculous antics of these people. It would seem less shocking to me if the cast of this show lived somewhere that breeds crazy, like L.A. But they’re practically in my backyard.

I particularly like when I drive to work the day after an episode airs. I’ll turn on 96.1 and listen to Mikey & Big Bob bash Abby Lee and all the mothers for their questionable choices. I’ve never seen a dance studio so dysfunctional but I can’t rip my eyes away.

16 // College Friends

Today’s Friday, which always makes me happy. But I’m happier than usual today because my friend Rachel has come to visit for the weekend. I met Rachel in college while I was at BGSU. I effectively stalked her on Facebook before I joined marching band when I was just in the beginnings of transferring schools. I assaulted her with questions about clarinets and the music program. She in turn, bless her heart, actually answered my questions and didn’t automatically think I was a raving lunatic.

5 years later, we’re still great friends. I think that’s awesome because it’s hard to keep in touch with people after you leave a place where you were once all together. I’m no longer sharing a room with her (like I did my junior year of school), nor do we even live in the same town anymore. She’s teaching in Ohio, and I’m here in Pennsylvania. But we’ve managed to visit each other as often as we can, and keep up with each other through Facebook and our cell phones.

She’s become one of my best friends and I’m so glad I got to know her. I’m pumped that she’s in town because she’s helping me along with my new diet, and it’s just nice having her around. I don’t get to see a lot of college friends as often as I’d like, but it’s wonderful that Rachel has been willing to make the long drives to hang out and keep our friendship up.

We’re having a Twilight marathon right now, and it’s fabulous. No judging.