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24 // Hofbrauhaus

This is a late post, I know! I was running around all day yesterday doing all kinds of things, and I didn’t have time to write. But last night, I went to Hofbrauhaus for my friend Amanda’s 24th birthday. She usually likes going here for her birthday. Since Saturday has been deemed my day to eat whatever I’d like, I ordered the Jaegerschnitzel with buttered spaetzle and german potato salad. I got one of the light beers, and all of it was way tasty. We didn’t get to sit in the Bier Hall but that was okay with me. We were out in the side dining room, and you can actually hear yourself think in there. There were a bunch of people there that I went to college with, so it was nice seeing them. I did one of the Shotskis. Haven’t done that since New Year’s. It’s kind of embarrassing because the entire room looks at you while you’re doing it and starts cheering and clapping, but we all survived.


22 // Cooking

I don’t usually have the urge to cook, but tonight I did. Ever since I’ve been starting to watch what I eat, I finally figured out that I will have total control over what I’m consuming if I actually prepare it myself. I came across the most wonderful blog, Skinny Taste, and I swear it’s my new favorite thing. This blogger is just a regular woman (mom with kids) who was looking to make healthier meals for her family.

Her recipes are all pretty amazing. Some of them feel out of my skill level, but I decided to tackle one of them tonight. I made a Carmelized Onion, Red Pepper and Zucchini Frittata. And oh man, was it good. And HUGE. And low in calories and everything. My mom helped me  primarily with the chopping of vegetables (she deemed my knife-wielding skills to be inferior to hers … she is right) and it was incredibly easy to put together in the end.

All it consisted of was 4 eggs, 4 egg whites, a red bell pepper, an onion, half a zucchini and some salt and pepper. I’m strangely satisfied after eating it, and I am just so excited to know that this kind of blog and this kind of recipe can help me stay on track. I’ve still got quite a few calories left in my day, so I have a treat waiting in the freezer that I plan on devouring while watching Project Runway.

I like the idea of cooking. I’ve been dabbling in it a little within the last year, and I think I’ll keep going thanks to the Skinny Taste blog.

13 // Free Pancakes

Let’s just face it right now. The concept of free anything in my family is something we can’t ever pass up. If there is a giveaway, we will be there. Radio contest? Entered. Free food? OF COURSE WE’D LIKE A PLATE.

So is it really any surprise to anyone that my parents and I were pumped for National Pancake Day? iHop designates this day, once a year, to give away free short stacks of buttermilk pancakes to anyone who wants one. They ask you to make donations while you’re there (which I did, thank you, $3), which I believe went to Children’s Hospital, so that made me feel nice and community-oriented.

Of course, the pancakes were pretty tasty too. iHop was always one of those mythical places to me for while I was growing up. I remember when we’d come across one in Florida or North Carolina during vacations and school trips. iHop was a staple of “Southern breakfast restaurant that you have to visit after driving in a car for a terrible amount of hours.” When they finally (FINALLY!) brought one close to my hometown, I couldn’t wait to drown myself in pancakey, syrupy goodness.

All in all, free pancakes on any day is quite fine with me.

10 // Margaritas and Salsa


I went out tonight with my friend Morgan to this Mexican restaurant. We hang out often on weekends, and tonight’s plan was dinner, love letter leaving at half price books, then seeing a movie.

At the restaurant, they give free chips and salsa. This stuff always reminds me of the salsa I loved at a restaurant near my college. It brings back good memories.

The margaritas didnt hurt either. They make a mean strawberry marg. I have no complaints. PS. The movie was pretty good. We saw “Gone.”