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8 // Being Waved at Randomly

On my way in to work this morning, I was feeling good. Despite my being a little sleepy, the second I walked outside to go to my car, I was instantly revived. Good weather will do that to you.

I had my banana. I had my juice in a Dunkin Donuts coffee-to-go cup. As far as I was concerned, the morning was not off to a dismal start.

I was running a little late, which really doesn’t surprise me, but I had a feeling I’d make it on time. News flash Mom! I did.

So on my way, I drove along at my leisure. I ate my banana. I drank my juice. Then I came to a stoplight. One of many along my route. I’m always stopping and starting for something. So there I sat, sipping juice. Waiting for that light to turn green.

A car next to me pulled up to the light too. There we sat. Other vehicles started filing in behind us. Then something odd happened. The car next to me honked twice. I looked over, purely because I was interested. There was no one else in front of him so I wasn’t entirely sure what he was honking about. So my eyes met the driver’s.

He looked young. There was someone with him in the passenger seat. He smiled at me slightly, and waved.

I wasn’t really sure why he was waving, but I waved back. The rest of my way to work, he and I drove in the same vicinity as each other. Sometimes I would pass him, sometimes he would pass me. After a while, I lost his car completely. But I hadn’t stopped thinking about his wave.

Why’d he do it? He didn’t seem to wave at strangers at any other stoplight. I checked. And I definitely didn’t know him. He wasn’t some guy I was familiar with.

So it was a strange occurrence. A little bit of stranger kindness in an otherwise perfectly fine morning.

And it made me happy. Just a little. It also made me slightly nervous, but that’s just the worrier in me. I think waving gets underrated sometimes. It’s the acknowledgement of another person. You don’t encounter much interaction or acknowledgement when you’re in a whirlwind of traffic.

Everyone’s so busy trying to get where they’re going. It was nice that he stopped for a moment. Just to pause and wave. Maybe his destination wasn’t nearly as important to him as everyone else on the road. I still wonder, though, where he was going.


5 // Less Traffic

In the world of magazines, holidays don’t entirely exist. At least, not the ones that celebrate past and present Presidents. Deadlines don’t stop, and too bad if it’s Christmas and you can’t get off your couch because you ate too many cookies … you have five different sections to fact-check and lay out because half the office is taking a vacation right now.

I digress.

Today is President’s Day, a holiday that really hasn’t affected me that much in the past. When I was still in college, my school was one of the glorious few that stayed open. It was always deemed “Preview Day” because all the high school kids who had the day off got to come invade the campus for a few grand tours. All of us college-folk had to teem around and look busy. We had to look studious and academic. We were not supposed to look hungover. Some of us were more successful than others at keeping up that charade.

Today, in my big-girl life, the day has not been any different. My company’s office was still open. We didn’t get that coveted three day weekend like some of my teacher friends. Plus side to today’s Monday, as opposed to any other Monday I’ve dealt with for the last year? Less traffic.

My commute is usually at least an hour of me whining and turning off the radio because sometimes I hate Mikey and Big Bob, flicking people off for driving poorly though only underneath where my window is so I don’t get shot at or something, screaming when someone cuts me off and banging my head against my steering wheel because I’m still stuck in traffic. For five miles. Down a stretch of road with the same damn billboards that never, ever change. Every day.

But, oh, today. Today was fab because there were probably 60% less cars out on the road. Which meant I was able to leave at a luxurious 8:20 a.m. and cruise along my route without ripping my hair out. I had time to stop for a free coffee at the Bean-Thru, thanks to my handy Groupon that has not yet expired. I still made it to work a little before 9, and it felt like a decent start to an otherwise uneventful day. Nothing else of my day felt blog-worthy, but less traffic? That’s always a good thing.