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7 // Paris in Springtime

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I have an event to go to tonight, and I (slightly) picked out my outfit before I even woke up this morning. That never happens. I also decided I wanted my hair to be curly. I don’t know where that idea came from. The weather is being fairly cooperative today (for right now at least) and it feels like the very humble beginnings of spring. I’m sure this blip of sunshine and non-frigid weather will only last for the next ten minutes. It did snow yesterday, after all.

I’m wearing an outfit that JCPenney deemed as “Springtime in Paris.” I bought this dress I’m wearing back in December for my former boyfriend’s Christmas work party. It’s made of a heavy enough material that it’s not a completely bewildering idea to wear it in the dead of winter (with tights of course). Since I’m an avid JCPenney visitor, I had my eye on a striped blazer from the same line as the dress for a while. I couldn’t justify spending what they wanted for it, but recently, the price dropped and I pounced.

So my outfit is as follows: a black and blue color-blocked dress, and a white and black striped fitted blazer. Black tights. Black fancy flats. Curly hair. Minimal makeup. Did I mention that I found out a fun fact about this outfit today? I glanced at the tag on the inside of the blazer and dress. It read “Olsenboye”, which I just assumed was some weird label from Sweden perhaps because the “O” on the tag really looks like an “I” because it’s in cursive writing. “Ilsenboye.” Swedish? German? What I found out though, through some nifty Google searching, is that this line was created by the Olsen twins, exclusively for JCPenney.

Sidenote: I LOVED THE OLSEN TWINS back when they made those cheesy direct to video movies. My one childhood friend and I watched every single one of them. My favorite was when they were in the Witness Protection Program and had to go hide in Australia among kangaroos and blandly cute boys.

When I wear this whole ‘ensemble’, it makes me want to go to France. But I have a very specific picture of how that should go down. This outfit isn’t extremely prim and proper, like you’d expect springtime in Paris to be. This outfit has a bit of an edge to it. So I can see myself clomping down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. I’d probably trade out my flats for some kind of chunky heel or something. While I’m walking past all those shops and patisseries, I’d like to think I’m eating some type of baguette. Or maybe gelato. And there’s some handsome fellow on my arm, dressed in a very French-but-edgy way too. Perhaps his name is something obnoxious, like Jean Luc.

I’ve been to France once. I really liked it, even though I was 13 at the time. Or maybe I was 12. Regardless, I remember stumbling across the makeup store “Sephora” for the very first time there. Incidentally, JCPenney now has one of those. And perhaps most strange of all, I haven’t set foot in a Sephora store since Paris. Note the line above about minimal makeup. It’s just never been my thing.

So maybe I’ll just imagine the event I have to go to tonight is set in Paris instead. Au revoir!