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4 // The World Needs More Love Letters

I’m starting to get involved in a project. More specifically, something like a movement. I stumbled upon this “The World Needs More Love Letters” campaign a few days ago, purely by accident. I was on a blog I regularly visit, and they had done an interview with the founder of this movement, Hannah Brencher. She’s taken it upon herself to spearhead a huge group of people (it has gone global) that send anonymous ‘love letters’ to people who need them. The letters typically center around encouraging words, positive thoughts and general good-vibe feelings. I was so impressed with her backstory and how she got it started (PS, she’s only 23! Like me!) and it made me want to start doing something to help.

Any kind of organization/non-profit/movement that inspires complete strangers to write to each other for a common good is something I can get behind. So I signed my email address up on her site and I’ve recently received my first instructions for letter writing. What’s cool is that there’s always a monthly “bundle” of letters that go to one specific person. People can request letters for friends, family or co-workers if they think that one person in their lives could use some cheering up or some positivity. I haven’t begun writing my big letter yet because I know it’s going to be a tall order to start out on. I’m writing to someone with cancer, and those words shouldn’t be taken lightly.

On a slightly less serious note, Hannah and her fabulous team encourage people to leave anonymous letters around their hometowns, or along their commutes, or anywhere that a little letter could be found. Last night, my friend and I were at Target and I was looking for some cute stationary to begin my foray into letter writing. I wanted something cute, but generic enough that it could appeal to any subject matter I’d be tackling. My friend was so inspired by my want to get involved, that she decided to jump in too. So last night, we bought a bunch of adorable cards and envelopes. I got mini ones for my ‘anonymous around town’ letters, and some larger ones for the big letters I’ll be sending.

We wrote out our words thoughtfully, and got very excited about the notion of leaving them for people. We took to the streets of our hometown around 10 p.m. last night and hid notes cleverly at local shops that were still open. I put one envelope in between two Hershey bars at one of our local gas stations, in hopes that some home-sick college freshman from the local university would happen upon it. Today, I wrote 3 more letters. I’m going to visit my grandma today, and I plan on leaving some along my way to her house.

This feels good to have something positive to focus on. Knowing I might make a difference, even a small one, in someone’s day. It’s possible that my letters won’t all be found. Some people might throw them away or think it’s weird. But I like the hope in it. And I would be thrilled if I found one. So I’m going to keep writing. Because everyone could use a love letter, every once in a while.


0 // It was always half-invented, but the other half was good.

Today marks the very first post of my 365 day chronicle of good, happy things that happen to me each day. I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. Lots of things in my personal and professional life seem to be falling apart. As a 23-year-old who is just now getting used to the ‘real world’ and all the shit that comes with it, I’ve gotten very down on myself about all kinds of things. I don’t want to be that person. Not anymore. So to pull myself out of it, I need to find the good. At least one good thing each day. It could be stupid, trivial stuff like eating a cupcake at lunch. Or something giant, like finally beginning/finishing the novel I’ve always wanted to write. Regardless, it’s gonna be 365 days of positivity. Even when I’m feeling like crap.

This idea was inspired by another blogger, one I stumbled across yesterday while Googling something about annoying Spotify ads. Why her blog showed up, I have no idea. Why I decided to click the link, I couldn’t tell you. But I’m so glad I did. So Diane, wherever you’re at now. Thank you for helping me kick-start a possibly better part of my life. And maybe this will let me have my year of being 24 (starting on April 10) be something grand and magnificent… and most importantly, good.

So for now, this tiny little post that isn’t officially kicking off anything just yet needs a little something. This song has been in my head for the last few hours. “Littlething” by Jimmy Eat World. Off you go.