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128 // Improv Comedy

This is Friday’s post. After work, my friend Morgan and I went out to Cranberry to see our friend Amanda’s improv show. She’s in a community theater group that puts on shows all year. Improv was something new for them, I think, so we headed out there to watch. Surprisingly, I found most of the ‘games’ they all participated in to be hilarious. It was a solid group of kids performing and there were a few times I was crying because I was laughing so hard. It made me think of college and the two different improv groups I was most familiar with on campus.


127 // Versatile Shoes

I bought a new pair of shoes today. Originally, I was on the hunt for a cute pair of shoes to wear with the dress I’ll be sporting for my cousin’s upcoming wedding. Unfortunately, by the time my mom and I got home, we realized the shoes just didn’t go well with the dress. We had both though coral and turquoise would look awesome together, but it just wasn’t working for the type of dress I had. My mom suggested I take back the shoes. But I wasn’t ready to give up.

After staring at my fun sandals for a while, I started looking through my closet for stuff to match them. Surprisingly, outfit after outfit started coming to life. In some, the shoes were just a tiny way of pulling some colors together. For others, they added a much needed surprising pop to an otherwise basic outfit. Either way, I was very excited that I’ll probably be getting some good use out of these babies. So perhaps they won’t be walking me down an aisle anytime soon. But I’ll be able to wear them with tons of other cute things.

126 // Getting Out of the Office

My boss asked me to go to a printing seminar today geared towards an audience of graphic designers. It was free, so I was like… okay, sure. I had to drive to work this morning, which pained me so much. Surprisingly, I didn’t totally flip out like I thought I would. Pittsburgh traffic is annoying, but I took a slightly easier way and managed to get myself parked in the pricey garage without wanting to kill another driver. Happily, my employer decided to comp my parking. No $23 ticket for me today! I hung out at work for a few hours, working on stuff. Then I got to leave around 1:30 to head over to my meeting with the printer / the seminar. I had an appointment with the printer regarding a project I’ve been tasked with. Guy was super nice to me, and helpful, so that was good. Not all my questions are answered but I’m less in the dark than I was on Monday. The seminar was pretty informative. I learned a lot about the process from design to print and all the stuff you have to consider. For example — budget, timeline, color, etc. Some stuff I already knew, but other things were really eye-opening. I’m glad I got to go. It broke up my day and got me out of the office setting a bit. After the seminar, there was a little gathering for mingling. I went to that and felt kind of weirdly out of my comfort zone. I nibbled on some food, chatted with some graphic design professionals who seemed totally hyped up about the fact that I work at a law firm. All in all, a good work day.

125 // Beating the Heat

In case you hadn’t noticed, it was terribly hot today. Walking outside made me feel like I couldn’t breathe. Staying holed in at our house in the air conditioning appealed, but my mom and I got restless so we headed to Sewickley for frozen yogurt. We went to a local shop called Simply Yogurt. They’re one of those places that charges you by how much yogurt and toppings you cram into your bowl. Of course, when you’re there, they only have giant dish sizes so you start automatically filling it up as much as you can. Then you forget that it might weigh more than you would’ve hoped and you’re charged way more than you should. Anyway, we probably overpaid a bit today but the yogurt and toppings were tasty. It was a nice respite from the sun.

124 // Encouragement

Work’s been going really well. I know it’s probably ridiculous of me to say that after only being there a grand total of 4 days, but I’m enjoying it. I feel so much better in the environment there. I swear to God, it’s like night and day when I compare my current employer to my latter. Today, there was a marketing meeting. They seem to be a weekly thing. (Imagine that, weekly meetings?!?!) Last week I sat in on one for my first day, and I felt overwhelmed and shy. Today though, I felt confident and bold. Some of my co-workers have really been going to bat for me in terms of just discussing my strengths and wording my weaknesses in a way that doesn’t crush my soul and make me want to cry. It’s so nice to hear people talk about having confidence in me. They’re supportive and it’s nice. Of course, it’s not like everything I’ve been designing so far is 100% perfect at the first go-round. But it feels good to think that perhaps this office building on the 10th floor is the place I was looking for over the span of the last two years. Things are nice there.

123 // My Dad

Since today is Father’s Day, I figured a post dedicated to my dad was in order. My parents went to Ohio last night to see my grandparents and they’re not home yet, but my present for him is waiting on the kitchen table. I made him an edible card. My mom stumbled across the idea on Pinterest (where else!!?). I tweaked it a bit to include some better candy. It’s actually pretty huge. I also got him a gift card to McDonald’s because he loves all their drinks there. My dad’s a pretty cool cat. He’s always been awesome with advice and supporting me in everything I’ve ever tried to embark on. I hope he has a good Father’s Day. I wouldn’t ask for anyone better to be my dad. Aww.

In case you can’t read the card, it says:

Dear Dad,

Happy Father’s Day! I was going to get you a WHOPPER of a gift, 100 GRAND …. but you know how money slips through my BUTTERFINGERS. I couldn’t SKOR a fancy WHATCHAMACALIT since it wasn’t PAYDAY. I didn’t think a pet KIT KAT, a trip to New YORK or an ORBIT around the MILKY WAY would be possible. I want your day to be GOOD AND PLENTY full of happiness as you eat your card. Don’t ROLO ver and get sick. I promise I won’t SNICKER! TAKE 5 hours to have fun. Have a wonderful Father’s Day to a dad who POP ROCKS.

Love your favorite NERDS,

Amber & Bella 

122 // Hofbrauhaus

This is last night’s post because I got home around 2 in the morning. I went to Hofbrauhaus last night with two good friends – Andrew and Morgan. Andrew was home from law school for the weekend, which was a happy surprise. Morgan’s been wanting to get people together to go to Hofbrauhaus for weeks now so we finally got a shot to go together. I had a really great time last night with them. Lots of fun things happened during the evening, both expected and unexpected. I was actually in the mood to dance a little. In the beer hall, a band was playing songs and everyone stands up on the tables and sings along. We partook in that a little bit. Mainly, we sat out on the patio. We ventured down to the beer garden for a while too. I’m really glad I went last night. It was a fun time.