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135 – 146 // Florida

I went to Florida recently. I was there for a week with my cousin Nicole, her cousin Kristi, and Nicole’s friend Chelsey. We had a blast despite the heat and we had a lot of fun. The week was a blur of heat, excessive water bottles, Disney characters, Harry Potter, sketchy taxi drivers, trolley rides, eating out at restaurants, balloon animals, shopping, swimming in the pool and passing out at night from being so exhausted. It was great being able to get away for a while and have no responsibilities besides just having a good time. I’m really happy I went (thanks Nicole for asking me!)


134 // New

I don’t think blogging about my dating adventures and/or mishaps is very smart, but the good thing of today is that I went on a good date. I put on a nice, casual outfit and met the guy in question for dinner and drinks. I got a happy feeling from the whole thing and that’s more than what I can say of my feelings concerning dating over the last few months. I’m not about to start making bold statements about the guy, but I’m glad it went well. Really glad. Also, I was so pleased with my outfit choice. Seriously. I felt good tonight.

133 // Familiarity

Tonight was my last night hanging out with my friend Morgan before she moves to South Carolina. I’m quite sad to see her go, but I know this opportunity has potential to turn into something awesome for her. We hung out in her basement tonight, watching horror movies and eating pizza. We’ve been doing this for YEARS but it’s nice that we got to just spend time together. I’ll miss her but I know we’ll keep in touch just as much as we do already. Good luck on the move, Morgy!

132 // Cleaning My Closet

This was supposed to be Tuesday’s post. I cleaned my closet out on Tuesday. I tend to have issues with letting things go, getting rid of stuff I don’t really need, etc. But I know I’ll be needing to downsize my wardrobe, and there were plenty of things for me to toss. We’re donating all the clothes so it’s nice they’re going to people who really need them. My closet is considerably less messy and I’m happy I was able to part with some things.

131 // Eating Lunch

I’m finding that in my new job, there are days where I literally don’t have time to eat. Chalk that up to being a part-time person (who still works full time hours during the three days I’m in). Sprinkle meetings, steep learning curves and general busy-time in there… and it’s easy to see why lunch isn’t really my top priority ever. On the days that I do remember, hey, go get your lunch... I get really happy. Today I worked through lunch but still was able to enjoy my food.

130 // Lazy Sundays

I’ve been a sluggish, non-human feeling person today. I blame it on the alcohol. It’s my own fault I got myself into this horrible feeling today, but so be it. I had a good time last night but I’ve been paying for it quite a bit today. I’ve spent most of today either sleeping, or flopped on the couch. I enjoyed it though. The general lazy feeling of it all. Do I want to feel this way all the time? No. But my body needed to heal from the beating it took last night, and Sunday’s a good day for that.

129 // Drinks

This is Saturday’s post. On Saturday night, I went out with a few friends (Amanda, Kristi, Morgan) to downtown. We were planning on going to Hofbrauhaus (again, I know). We did that, but then ended up heading towards Robinson and spent the rest of our night at Cadillac Ranch. My friend Tim met us there since he’s home for summer break now. I had a really great time, despite drinking a bit more than I’d planned. It was a really fun time though. This was a bit of a last hoorah for Morgan since she’s moving to South Carolina very soon. It was nice to get to drink with her one more time before she heads off on her adventure.