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Life handed me lemons. It was seeming to pile them on top of me a month or so ago, and I definitely wasn’t making lemonade out of them. Instead, I was just letting them squash me. I was essentially drowning in sour lemon juice. No one wants that. So I’ve decided I need a change. Perhaps I can make my lemons into some fancy lemon-meringue pie.

This 365 Days of Good idea was inspired by another blogger, one I stumbled across while Googling something about annoying Spotify ads. Why her blog showed up, I have no idea. Why I decided to click the link, I couldn’t tell you. But I’m so glad I did. So Diane, wherever you’re at now… thank you for helping me kick-start a possibly better part of my life.

This is just a little nudge of positivity, every day. My life hasn’t been going great, but there’s always something good happening. Even if it’s trivial and small.


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  1. YES! Love it


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