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127 // Versatile Shoes

I bought a new pair of shoes today. Originally, I was on the hunt for a cute pair of shoes to wear with the dress I’ll be sporting for my cousin’s upcoming wedding. Unfortunately, by the time my mom and I got home, we realized the shoes just didn’t go well with the dress. We had both though coral and turquoise would look awesome together, but it just wasn’t working for the type of dress I had. My mom suggested I take back the shoes. But I wasn’t ready to give up.

After staring at my fun sandals for a while, I started looking through my closet for stuff to match them. Surprisingly, outfit after outfit started coming to life. In some, the shoes were just a tiny way of pulling some colors together. For others, they added a much needed surprising pop to an otherwise basic outfit. Either way, I was very excited that I’ll probably be getting some good use out of these babies. So perhaps they won’t be walking me down an aisle anytime soon. But I’ll be able to wear them with tons of other cute things.


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