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126 // Getting Out of the Office

My boss asked me to go to a printing seminar today geared towards an audience of graphic designers. It was free, so I was like… okay, sure. I had to drive to work this morning, which pained me so much. Surprisingly, I didn’t totally flip out like I thought I would. Pittsburgh traffic is annoying, but I took a slightly easier way and managed to get myself parked in the pricey garage without wanting to kill another driver. Happily, my employer decided to comp my parking. No $23 ticket for me today! I hung out at work for a few hours, working on stuff. Then I got to leave around 1:30 to head over to my meeting with the printer / the seminar. I had an appointment with the printer regarding a project I’ve been tasked with. Guy was super nice to me, and helpful, so that was good. Not all my questions are answered but I’m less in the dark than I was on Monday. The seminar was pretty informative. I learned a lot about the process from design to print and all the stuff you have to consider. For example — budget, timeline, color, etc. Some stuff I already knew, but other things were really eye-opening. I’m glad I got to go. It broke up my day and got me out of the office setting a bit. After the seminar, there was a little gathering for mingling. I went to that and felt kind of weirdly out of my comfort zone. I nibbled on some food, chatted with some graphic design professionals who seemed totally hyped up about the fact that I work at a law firm. All in all, a good work day.


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