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125 // Beating the Heat

In case you hadn’t noticed, it was terribly hot today. Walking outside made me feel like I couldn’t breathe. Staying holed in at our house in the air conditioning appealed, but my mom and I got restless so we headed to Sewickley for frozen yogurt. We went to a local shop called Simply Yogurt. They’re one of those places that charges you by how much yogurt and toppings you cram into your bowl. Of course, when you’re there, they only have giant dish sizes so you start automatically filling it up as much as you can. Then you forget that it might weigh more than you would’ve hoped and you’re charged way more than you should. Anyway, we probably overpaid a bit today but the yogurt and toppings were tasty. It was a nice respite from the sun.


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  1. And now you’ve made me want OrangeLeaf…thanks a lot!


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