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123 // My Dad

Since today is Father’s Day, I figured a post dedicated to my dad was in order. My parents went to Ohio last night to see my grandparents and they’re not home yet, but my present for him is waiting on the kitchen table. I made him an edible card. My mom stumbled across the idea on Pinterest (where else!!?). I tweaked it a bit to include some better candy. It’s actually pretty huge. I also got him a gift card to McDonald’s because he loves all their drinks there. My dad’s a pretty cool cat. He’s always been awesome with advice and supporting me in everything I’ve ever tried to embark on. I hope he has a good Father’s Day. I wouldn’t ask for anyone better to be my dad. Aww.

In case you can’t read the card, it says:

Dear Dad,

Happy Father’s Day! I was going to get you a WHOPPER of a gift, 100 GRAND …. but you know how money slips through my BUTTERFINGERS. I couldn’t SKOR a fancy WHATCHAMACALIT since it wasn’t PAYDAY. I didn’t think a pet KIT KAT, a trip to New YORK or an ORBIT around the MILKY WAY would be possible. I want your day to be GOOD AND PLENTY full of happiness as you eat your card. Don’t ROLO ver and get sick. I promise I won’t SNICKER! TAKE 5 hours to have fun. Have a wonderful Father’s Day to a dad who POP ROCKS.

Love your favorite NERDS,

Amber & Bella 


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