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111 // Navigating the Grocery Store

Since I live at home still, going to the Moon Township Giant Eagle never has been high up on my list of things I do often. But ever since I got into cooking more for myself, I’ve had to figure out where everything is in the store on my own. It’s funny how much you don’t truly pay attention when you’re just going shopping with your Mom. When I was growing up, the grocery store was a place where we spent way too much time. I’d get bored with wandering down each aisle, so I’d just park myself in the magazine section and read until my Mom came and found me.

I enjoy cooking meals for myself. My parents are going out of town soon for a few days, and I’ve already got some recipes on hand that I plan to try. I went to Giant Eagle today and was able to get in and out much faster than usual. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown better at navigating around the store. When I think, oh, I need to buy chickpeas… I’m able to actually find the chickpeas. Of course, there are times when I still call my Mom sometimes and ask her where the chicken tenders are, because she claims they’re in the store but I see no “chicken tenderloins” in sight… I couldn’t find those for a good 10 minutes. But I figured it out. Eventually.


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