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99 – 103 // Camping

This weekend could easily be considered the “lost weekend.” I was out of cell range, therefore I couldn’t provide any updates to my blog. That makes me a little sad because I’ve seemingly hit the 100th post ever and couldn’t even acknowledge it. I went camping in Ohio this weekend with my friend Rachel. Her friend from high school had planned the trip, and there were a bunch of people there for the weekend. We were at a camp site in Shawnee State Park. I’m not much of a camping person, at least not when it’s 95 degrees outside.

The trip was cool though. I wasn’t happy all the time due to certain people and circumstances, but we were able to pack a lot of things in over the Memorial Day weekend. Highlights include eating S’mores, fire grilled dinners, a new tan, reading by a lake in the shade, geocaching for the first time in the woods, getting ice cream, driving in cars with air conditioning every so often, meeting new people and just being very synonymous with nature for a few days.

I think I’m camped out for a while. Next time I go, I’d rather it be cooler and I will need to be more prepared in terms of clothing and shoes and such.


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