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104 // Grove City Outlets

Today was a day for retail therapy. Not that I’ve had much of any steam to blow off or anything, but my Mom mentioned to me that while I was out roughing it in the deep forests of Ohio, she and my dad had gone to Grove City only to get rained on. I haven’t taken a jaunt over to the outlets in a while so today, I grabbed my friend Morgan and off we went.

The outlets are giant and there are more stores than I can count on two hands clustered all over the place. Usually when I end up shopping there, I only visit a few select stores. As we were driving out to Grove City, rain clouds started gathering ahead. The sky was pitch black and I swear we were about to hit some kind of tornado around Slippery Rock. As history tends to repeat itself, we get rained on quite a bit too the second we walked into the Gap. Luckily, there were tons of sales so we just stayed in there forever until the rain stopped.

The rest of the excursion was greeted with better weather. I found a lot of clothing (hello, new dress for Jessica’s wedding!) and I was pretty happy with my purchases. Morgan found a lot of things too. It was a nice day of walking around without sweating to death. Always a plus.


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