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96 // Sara

Congratulations, Sara! You get your own blog post. One of my very best friends, Sara, came home to Pittsburgh for good yesterday (that is, unless she finds some magnificent job in Raleigh, perhaps). She’s been busting her ass in grad school for the last two years, but she’s made it through (mostly). I got to hang out with her today, just running errands, getting lunch, watching Glee. What’s nice is that our friendship hasn’t changed much from our middle school and high school days.

Conversation is easy, and usually borders on some ridiculous topics. Her parents treat me exactly the same as they’ve always done. It’s just nice, having that reliability of a strong friendship that lasts years and different states and various universities and boys and family obligations and tragedies.

I can count the friends I have like this on only one hand. Maybe two. The ones who can tell how I’m feeling just by the inflection of my voice. The ones who I’m so proud of for succeeding and doing what they love. Friends like those make life worth living. Sara has always been that person to give me a hard slap of reality when I need it. I really am excited she’s home again.

So this post is for Sara, and also for all my friends who still check in, who still know me sometimes better than I know myself, no matter how far away they sometimes are.


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