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95 // Skins

This is yesterday’s post. Not a lot went on yesterday. I was working on some job-related things, and wasn’t in the mood to go out anywhere. I started watching a show on Netflix (because this seems to be the story of my life anymore) called Skins. I vaguely remember hearing about an American version of the show on MTV that could hardly get off the ground because everyone loved its British predecessor so much. I can see why. I’ve been streaming the UK version, and I’m officially obsessed. I have no idea how the show could ever get away with half of what it does if it was shown in the USA. Those crazy Brits have some wacky ideas on what kind of a show should be catered towards teenagers. The show is kind of shocking, but I also can see how it’s relatable and realistic. They don’t try to hide anything or make teens out to be angelic, completely innocent people incapable of handling the slightest hint of scandal. I’m curious about continuing the show. I guess they rotate out the cast every two years, and I’m already growing attached to this very first cast.


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