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90 // Putting Myself Out There

This is supposed to be Wednesday’s post. My god, how far behind I’ve fallen. I don’t know why this keeps happening, seriously. I used to be so on the ball with posts. Anyway, Wednesday’s post is going to be a very short one. I went out on a date on Wednesday night. I’ll spare the details of if I think we’re going to work out (we aren’t) and I’m not getting into how everything made me feel … what I know now is that I’m not quite ready to date just yet.

Much to the disappointment of some of my family members.

But I need to take things at my own pace. And I’m not about to stop listening to my gut and get myself into some kind of relationship with someone I’m not 100% into, just for the sake of doing it. Say what you want about moving on. I’ve been struggling recently with this notion of being able to get over things from my last relationship. Despite this Wednesday date not going as well as I would’ve liked, I’m still glad I went. It was a tiny step forward. And maybe now, some may think I’m taking a few steps back by putting on the brakes again in my love life. But for me, at this time, it’s the right thing to do. I put myself out there. I gave it a shot. And now, I have some more semblance of getting back to normal eventually. Maybe it won’t happen right away. But some time, in the next few months, it will.


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