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89 // Comfort Food

This is yesterday’s post. I ended up hanging out at my grandma’s house yesterday much longer than I thought I would. My Aunt Debby came over earlier than I expected, so I stuck around. We were all debating where to go for dinner, and settled on the decision of Hill House.

If you’ve never been to the Wampum, PA area, you’re missing out. Hill House is probably one of my favorite restaurants ever, solely because they make italian food like no other and it’s always, always good. Their recipes go unchanged, everything’s homemade, and it’s nice to have that kind of consistency.

I’ve been going to Hill House for years, usually only when I visit my grandparents. The place reminds me of being younger, of my grandpap still being around and making sure I ate every bite on my plate. He loved the bread there and always got the house italian dressing on his salads. I do that now. There’s a nice feeling of comfort from eating there.

They have a horrendous parking lot and the inside of the restaurant looks super grimy. But the food makes up for it in spades.


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