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84-85 // The Small Things

I keep having this issue where I can’t keep up with this blog on a daily basis. I don’t know why. It’s not like my social life is totally booming, or I have some job that is overwhelmingly demanding. I think it’s because my days recently have all been blurring together like some bland movie montage. I’ve been struggling to find the good each day. I do know something good from yesterday. It was Friday. I went out with my friend Amanda and we got to participate in Houlihan’s happy hour, which means Georgia Peach long island iced teas. We watched High School Musical later. Because we’re awesome. Thursday wasn’t much of a good day for me. I didn’t do much. I guess a good thing was that I finally watched Grey’s Anatomy after missing it for 6 weeks. I’m all caught up now. I’m going to try to write something today. Hopefully something decent will happen soon. Of blog-worthy potential, that is.


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