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83 // Bunco

I don’t play Bunco. I think there was one summer where my cousins and I played at some beach house in North Carolina. I don’t remember who won, but I believe it was a good time. Most of the women my mom is friends with all play Bunco. Every month they descend upon someone’s house, so that someone usually has to whip up a few food items and keep the wine flowing while they play the dice game. I don’t know how to play Bunco. But I get excited when the game is being held either at my mom’s house, or at my friend Amanda’s house. Her mom plays too (Hi Mrs. Hall!). This means there is an abundance of food and wine to be had, even if you’re not playing the game. I usually stick around for the first half hour. That’s when everyone starts showing up. I grab whatever food I can snag before everyone else attacks the table, and I pour myself a decent few glasses of wine. Tonight was no exception and it was a nice Wednesday evening spent in my room, watching Parks and Rec, working on some freelance and chowing down on some fruit and dip.


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