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Monthly Archives: May 2012

105 // Puffy Paint

Today I helped my friend Sara with some crafty projects she’s been put in charge with. Every summer, she volunteers at Camp Star—an amputee camp run through Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh—and has been helping out there for the last 5 years. I remember last year she was building a corn hole set. This year, she’s working on getting together scavenger hunts for all the campers. I was helping her put all of those together. She wrote a bunch of fun rhyming clues and we had to fold and cut little envelopes, glue the clues inside, write which team number the envelope was meant for and puffy painted numbers on each. The puffy paint was the most fun, in my opinion. It made me feel 6 years old again. I hope all the campers have fun with the hunt and all the other activities they get to participate in. I know Sara works really hard to make the camp a great experience for all, so I was happy to put in a little time to help out too.


104 // Grove City Outlets

Today was a day for retail therapy. Not that I’ve had much of any steam to blow off or anything, but my Mom mentioned to me that while I was out roughing it in the deep forests of Ohio, she and my dad had gone to Grove City only to get rained on. I haven’t taken a jaunt over to the outlets in a while so today, I grabbed my friend Morgan and off we went.

The outlets are giant and there are more stores than I can count on two hands clustered all over the place. Usually when I end up shopping there, I only visit a few select stores. As we were driving out to Grove City, rain clouds started gathering ahead. The sky was pitch black and I swear we were about to hit some kind of tornado around Slippery Rock. As history tends to repeat itself, we get rained on quite a bit too the second we walked into the Gap. Luckily, there were tons of sales so we just stayed in there forever until the rain stopped.

The rest of the excursion was greeted with better weather. I found a lot of clothing (hello, new dress for Jessica’s wedding!) and I was pretty happy with my purchases. Morgan found a lot of things too. It was a nice day of walking around without sweating to death. Always a plus.

99 – 103 // Camping

This weekend could easily be considered the “lost weekend.” I was out of cell range, therefore I couldn’t provide any updates to my blog. That makes me a little sad because I’ve seemingly hit the 100th post ever and couldn’t even acknowledge it. I went camping in Ohio this weekend with my friend Rachel. Her friend from high school had planned the trip, and there were a bunch of people there for the weekend. We were at a camp site in Shawnee State Park. I’m not much of a camping person, at least not when it’s 95 degrees outside.

The trip was cool though. I wasn’t happy all the time due to certain people and circumstances, but we were able to pack a lot of things in over the Memorial Day weekend. Highlights include eating S’mores, fire grilled dinners, a new tan, reading by a lake in the shade, geocaching for the first time in the woods, getting ice cream, driving in cars with air conditioning every so often, meeting new people and just being very synonymous with nature for a few days.

I think I’m camped out for a while. Next time I go, I’d rather it be cooler and I will need to be more prepared in terms of clothing and shoes and such.

98 // Catching Up

I got to go out tonight with two of the best people that live in Pittsburgh, Kristina and Natalie. I worked with both of them in some capacity when I was still at the magazine and I’m so grateful that I got to meet them both. I’ve known Kristina longer than Natalie, but it was always nice when we all ended up at magazine events together and got to hang out. After all those events, we started thinking we should hang out outside of work. Natalie is an awesome photographer, and Kristina is an amazing editor and writer. We’ve been trying to get together more this year (our track record so far for events outside of the magazine? Two) and are going to continue working on going out when we say we will! We ended up at Winghart’s on Carson Street. Good burgers, good beer. I was in fantastic company and it was so nice being able to catch up with them. I’ve been gone from the magazine for a month and half but it feels like I never left really.

97 // Kennywood


Oh, Kennywood. You Potato-Patch-Smelling-Wobbly-Ride-Boasting-Skanky-Teen-Haven-Nostalgic-Theme-Park-Wonderland! I got to go to Kennywood today with my friend Morgan. We decided to go on a bit of a whim and it was a perfect day for it. Sunny, sometimes overcast, with not too many crowds of people. It was incredibly hot for most of the day but since it’s only the end of May, there weren’t too many people there so the lines weren’t terrible.

I will always love Kennywood. I’ve been going there for years, and I will continue to go once I get married and have kids. It’s like the Disney World for Western Pennsylvania residents. Granted, as I’ve gotten older, I don’t need to spend as much time at the park. I’m better at getting through all the rides as quick as I can. We even had time to watch a few shows, eat some lunch and ride the train with that creepy laughing mannequin.

All in all, it has been a great day feeling like a kid again.

96 // Sara

Congratulations, Sara! You get your own blog post. One of my very best friends, Sara, came home to Pittsburgh for good yesterday (that is, unless she finds some magnificent job in Raleigh, perhaps). She’s been busting her ass in grad school for the last two years, but she’s made it through (mostly). I got to hang out with her today, just running errands, getting lunch, watching Glee. What’s nice is that our friendship hasn’t changed much from our middle school and high school days.

Conversation is easy, and usually borders on some ridiculous topics. Her parents treat me exactly the same as they’ve always done. It’s just nice, having that reliability of a strong friendship that lasts years and different states and various universities and boys and family obligations and tragedies.

I can count the friends I have like this on only one hand. Maybe two. The ones who can tell how I’m feeling just by the inflection of my voice. The ones who I’m so proud of for succeeding and doing what they love. Friends like those make life worth living. Sara has always been that person to give me a hard slap of reality when I need it. I really am excited she’s home again.

So this post is for Sara, and also for all my friends who still check in, who still know me sometimes better than I know myself, no matter how far away they sometimes are.

95 // Skins

This is yesterday’s post. Not a lot went on yesterday. I was working on some job-related things, and wasn’t in the mood to go out anywhere. I started watching a show on Netflix (because this seems to be the story of my life anymore) called Skins. I vaguely remember hearing about an American version of the show on MTV that could hardly get off the ground because everyone loved its British predecessor so much. I can see why. I’ve been streaming the UK version, and I’m officially obsessed. I have no idea how the show could ever get away with half of what it does if it was shown in the USA. Those crazy Brits have some wacky ideas on what kind of a show should be catered towards teenagers. The show is kind of shocking, but I also can see how it’s relatable and realistic. They don’t try to hide anything or make teens out to be angelic, completely innocent people incapable of handling the slightest hint of scandal. I’m curious about continuing the show. I guess they rotate out the cast every two years, and I’m already growing attached to this very first cast.