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70 // Adobe Flash

My tumultuous relationship with Adobe Flash started a few years ago. In the beginning, we were awkward around each other. Eventually we grew more comfortable, but the honeymoon period was cut short. Distance and time away from each other was too straining. Our long-distance relationship morphed into a complete cold-shoulder, freeze out. We never crossed paths again for a while.

Until last night. I’ve been working on a project recently that requires me to get back in the saddle with Adobe Flash. Last night, I sat at my computer cursing the people who made the program. It’s not the easiest to pick back up. But I kept at it, and I eventually produced a finalized, polished piece that looks pretty good in my opinion. The skills seemed to come back to me, and as I tweaked things this morning, everything began falling into place.

It’s nice sometimes to delve back into programs you used to know decently well. I have a feeling that brushing up on Flash even more would be a good idea. Perhaps we can fall back in love again.


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