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69 // Horror Movies

This is yesterday’s post. Oops.


Yesterday was jam packed full of cinematic endeavors. I went with my friend Morgan to see a double feature. I’ve honestly never done that before, so it was actually kind of cool to see two movies in the span of one day. Same theater. But the first one we saw, The Cabin in the Woods, was probably my favorite of the two we viewed.

I’ve always been a fan of horror movies. I’ve sat through some that are pretty good (see: scary) and some that are completely disastrous (see: nearly every movie my friends Tim and Dustin forced me to sit through in high school). Luckily, Cabin in the Woods fell into the ‘good’ category. What I most liked about it was that it wasn’t taking itself too seriously.

Was it a little gory for my liking? Yes. Was there a scene of gratuitous nudity, as there always seems to be with the genre? Yes. But other than that, the plot was incredibly clever. For a horror movie, it was actually really funny too. I was rooting for some of the characters, and the ending was kind of a strange little twist. I guess this film was written by the same guy who wrote Buffy, and it showed.

I walked out of the theater pretty pleased with having watched the movie. I’d rank it as one of the favorite horror movies I’ve seen in a while.


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