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68 // My Honorary Niece and Nephew

Being as I have no siblings, that means I don’t get to have the incredibly fun experience of having any legitimate nieces or nephews. That also means that unless I marry a guy with at least one sister or brother, my kids won’t have any cousins. That just won’t do. Therefore, any person I marry absolutely can not be an only child.

Why is this relevant? Today, I got to help my Grandma watch two of my favorite tiny people on the planet. Noah and Annie. They are my cousin Kristie’s kids. I consider my cousins my stand-in siblings, therefore Noah and Annie have become two stand-in nephew and niece types. I love all of my cousins’ kids, but I get to see Annie and Noah most often since they live close.

I had a very fun day helping babysit them. I played two rounds of “Go Fish”, played catch, colored, watched some cartoons, played Peekaboo, talked about baseball and baby dolls and all kinds of things until it was time for them to go home. Being around them makes me feel like a little kid again. They’re constantly making me laugh and I really enjoyed the time I got to spend with them today. Getting to hang out with my grandma was also really great.

After the kids left, my grandma and I went and got hot dogs at “Red Hot”, a restaurant near my grandma’s house. All in all, I’ve had a fun-filled day.


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