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67 // Getting My Design On

Thanks, Pittsburgh, for the ridiculous ramp up of terror regarding that threatening 6-inches of snow that was supposed to be coming to the area. My 4 hour ride home from Ohio happened today, sans snow. Which was fine with me. I was worried for nothing. Today, I got to delve back into some design work. I have an opportunity to do some freelance work (this still isn’t 100% yet) and I was given an assignment to create 2-3 logo options for an event coming up in Pittsburgh.

I spent quite a few hours today working on some designs, realizing lots of attempts were horrible, and refining as much as I could. If the client likes them, then I’ll be able to work on the rest of the marketing collateral they have for the event. This is an exciting venture, and it’d be nice to have a tiny bit of income coming in. Even if it’s a one time thing. There’s a very strong possibility that perhaps the client won’t like any of the options I showed, but this is all a learning experience. It’s good to keep having practice in design while I’m out of the field for a bit.


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