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64 // Road Trips

I’ve spent a large portion of my day today in a car. It was cool though because I was driving to see my friend from college, Rachel! Another friend of hers who I met during college, Jasmine, is visiting too so that makes things very fun. The drive from my hometown out to Rachel’s residence in Ohio is about 4 hours or so. We also spent a decent bit of time driving to a different part of town once I got here so we could eat and go shopping. I’ve been having a really good time thus far though, and I don’t mind the car driving/riding one bit.

Good music comes on, the sun has been out all day. I’m perfectly content with this weekend already. Right now, we’re watching some episodes of Psych and I’ve applied to a job in Denver, Colorado. Jasmine just got a job in Denver as an elementary school teacher, and she’s been adamant about Rachel and I joining her out there. I’ve even begun a small Twitter campaign in which I tweet to cool Denver companies with the hashtag, #GetAmberToDenver. I explain my skill sets and let them know I’d love to make the move to Colorado, for the right job.

Who knows if it will get me anywhere… but it’s worth a shot. Now, back to my weekend of fun, friends, food and fabulosity.


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