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59 // Networking

This was yesterday’s post. Again, the whole weekend blurred. By the time I realized I hadn’t blogged a thing, it was already Sunday.

While I was on my trip, I came into contact with lots of people. And more often than not, one of the first things those people would ask me is “Where are you working? What do you do?” I’ve been dreading this question but it managed to come up about 8 different times over the span of 3 days. So I had to explain to these people my working woes and try not to let my voice waver when I did it. Happily enough, one of the mothers of some Moon team members was standing next to me at our rest stop at McDonald’s. She casually asked me if I’d be returning to work Monday. When I told her no, and then gave her a very abridged explanation for why not, she told me to give her my contact information and she’d pass it off to some guy she knew in advertising. Then she said she’d give it to another one of the mothers on our bus, since she “knew everyone in town.”

So I did just that. Wrote down my name, email, phone number, portfolio site link, and where I’d last worked. I gave my information out and now am hoping for the best. This could have been useless and it won’t get me any further to finding some type of employment. But it was nice to have the option to network a little, especially in such an unexpected place.


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