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57 // Hotels

This was supposed to be Friday’s post. Sometimes on weekends, I get way behind. Especially if I’m traveling somewhere new.

So Friday, I embarked on my trek to the Poconos. The state finals of Odyssey of the Mind were being held out there, so my friend Morgan and I boarded a bus and traveled for about 6 hours to get there. I don’t love bus rides that are longer than an hour. The last time I did a REALLY long bus ride was to Orlando, Florida in high school … so this 6 hour one wasn’t TOO terrible.

Our hotel was really, really nice and I was impressed by the accommodations of where we were staying. It wasn’t just a standard hotel room, it was a suite. We had a full kitchen, a nice bathroom, a huge desk, free Wi-Fi, a nice TV/DVD player and a pretty decent bed. Hotels are always fun because it’s exciting to explore them. When we got to the Poconos, we had quite a few hours to kill until we went to bed. The downside of traveling by bus is that you have no car for transportation, so we were pretty much confined to the hotel. So we explored, went looking around for what the place had to offer.

That night, we made some microwaved pizzas, watched two movies and generally just tried to prepare as best we could for the competition the next day.


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