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56 // Planning

This has been my first day of officially not going to my previous place of employment. The whole day felt a little bizarre. A little out of whack. Adjusting will be difficult, but I have some plans lined up for the weekend so things will hopefully be looking up.

Today, my (fellow unemployed) friend Morgan and I went to Robinson to search for things to bring with us on our trip that commences tomorrow. We’re both going to be judging the State Finals of the Pennsylvania Odyssey of the Mind competition. I’m very excited about this whole weekend, and the hotels we’re staying at seem to have full-sized kitchens with fridges, ice makers, a stove, an oven and a microwave.

We decided to stock up on some provisional items we wanted to bring with us, both for snacking and for possible dinners. We won’t have cars when we’re up there, and we honestly know virtually no one going to this competition. We figured buying some food things would be a smart idea, just in case some OM team doesn’t take pity on us and invite us out with them to dinner. Thanks to a mention by my Grandma Creed, I was able to find some tasty 100 calorie packs of Sarris chocolate-covered pretzels. Essentially, my weekend has been made completely by even finding those at Giant Eagle Market District.

Got some other healthy snacks too. I’m proud of myself for being able to find stuff that will be tasty plus good for me. We traipsed around Robinson a little more, where I purchased a really nice journal to start outlining my novel plans. I also picked up a new wallet, and we spent the rest of our time wandering through bookstores and the Moon library.

It was nice having time today to plan out this trip. I wasn’t rushing myself and I really enjoyed that. I’m hoping tomorrow’s blog post will be a good one. I really love traveling so I anticipate the 5 and a half hour bus ride will give me plenty of blog-fodder to write about.


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