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Over this weekend, I’ve been seeing lots of family members. Even though I visited my set of grandparents from Ohio yesterday, this post still counts for today. Me, my grandpa and my late cousin Ray all share the same birthday. April 10th. When I was younger, it all felt so magical. What were the odds that so many people of the same side of the family could all be born on the exact same day? My other cousin, Jessica, has her birthday on April 11th. I can’t make this stuff up.

So yesterday, I was spending some time at my grandparents’ house and my grandma had my birthday present set out on the table. I was incredibly excited to see that my grandpa had put together a few DVDs of old home movies for me as inclusion in my present. I’ve been wanting to watch all of these for so long, and I was so happy that he gave me the chance to do just that. The videos in question cover my VERY early years so I’m planning on watching these tonight.

My aunt Sandy is coming over, so perhaps she won’t mind watching them too! So grandma and grandpa, I know you’re reading this so THANK YOU!!


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