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49 // Titanic

I remember when I first watched Titanic. I was sitting in my friend Amanda’s TV room, perched on the floor in my sleeping bag. We were probably about 12. In one hand, I had some giant glass of chocolate milk I’m sure. In the other, I was clutching a whole Kleenex box. I can’t quite remember when I began sobbing, but I do know that for probably the final 45 minutes of the movie, my eyes were never dry once. And then that Celine Dion song came on, and it was all over. I was sniffling and boo-hooing all over the place. I believe we called our friend Melanie, because she was absolutely in love with the movie and the song and all of that. Those are the things I remember most from first watching. Well, those things, plus the fact that Amanda owned the 2-VHS set. Because Titanic is too massive for just one video cassette tape.

I went and saw Titanic tonight in 3D, on the big screen. Personally, the 3D effects honestly didn’t make or break the movie. I hardly noticed any difference in the film, save for a few points in the 3.5 hour length of me sitting in a packed theater. The things I noticed this time around were that I was getting chills a lot more often. When a certain swell of music hit, or when heart-throb Jack Dawson looked at Rose whatever-her-last-name-is a certain way. I also noticed that the only people to giggle hysterically when Rose took off all her clothes for the drawing scene were a pack of unruly, hormone-laden 13-year-olds closer to the front of the theater. How odd. I’m sure I probably reacted the same way when I watched this in Amanda’s house. For all I know, we fast forwarded that scene due to our mothers’ discretions. But it’s fascinating seeing how different age groups react.

I was surprised that so many people around me had NEVER seen the movie before. But I guess I have to remember that this movie came out in 1997, and some of these kids sitting next to me probably weren’t born not too soon before that. The one girl next to me kept asking her boyfriend questions. “So does this mean, like, is Jack dead?” Come on, honey.

Titanic, Titanic. You made me cry again. Not non-stop, but enough for me to feel like I needed to hold back lest someone think I’m some unhinged Titanic-fanatic. But I get nostalgic about this movie. I have so many weird ties to it, not just due to the movie itself, but it reminds me so much of my friend Melanie. I thought of her nearly the whole time because this was once her favorite movie. And she loved Celine Dion. Perhaps this is why I still cry, so many years after this movie was released. The sad parts haven’t gotten sadder, but maybe I have in a way.

This got depressing at the end. This is supposed to be a moment of good. The good was seeing this movie with my friend Sara and her friend Stacey. The good was getting to relive all the moments.


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