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46 // Seeing Other Colleges

This is Sunday’s blog post. Way late, mind you.

So Sunday, I spent my last day of vacation with Sara in Greenville, North Carolina. We stayed at her apartment (which looked exactly the same as the ones in BG … Copper Beach!) She gave me a tour of her campus, East Carolina University. She doesn’t really stay “on campus” much at all because her building isn’t really in the thick of things. But it was nice seeing her home for the last two years. I love seeing other college campuses for some reason. It makes me think about the choices I made, education-wise. There’s really no other place I would’ve wanted to be for college than Bowling Green, boring and windy as it was. I liked the flat campus, the strange array of buildings from different periods of time, the trees that reminded me of cartoons and the people, of course. I liked going to what was considered the ‘art school’ of Ohio.


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