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45 // Kooky Tour Guides

Today was Round 2 of my “Stalk-the-Dawson’s-Creek-and-One-Tree-Hill-Film-Locations-Plus-Get-Some-Sun” vacation, and the town of Wilmington did not disappoint again. Sara and I have managed to cross a lot of ground and have seen all kinds of things related to Dawson, OTH plus some other random movies (A Walk to Remember, for example). We did some exploring on our own today, starting at Port City Java (the exterior served as Karen’s Cafe during the first season of OTH, and right across the street is the now-empty storefront of Brooke’s ‘Clothes Over Bros.’) and then heading off to wander about downtown Wilmington. It was a little rainy today, but we managed to pack in seeing a LOT of stuff.

One of the highlights of the day was taking a guided walking tour. We signed up for this tour but weren’t sure what to expect. Some reviews claimed the tour guide really ‘made’ your tour, and the guy we had leading us around was by far one of the most quirky individuals I’ve ever met. His name was Hollywood Harry. That will give you an idea of what he was like. Decked out in a crazy hat with purple jewels hanging off the rim, yellow-tinted sunglasses and some Dawson’s Creek postcard memorabilia stashed in his shirt pocket, he could’ve gone either way – totally crazy tour guide, or ridiculously knowledgable. Luckily for us, he was well-versed in all things Dawson/OTH related.

We walked all over downtown, seeing locations and snapping photos, listening to Harry ramble about all kinds of crazy things. We got to see the alleyway that Mandy Moore and Shane West walked down for A Walk to Remember, the one where she tells him she’s sick. We saw where Nathan from OTH gets shoved out of a window and gets his crippling injury. We got to see the video store exterior where Pacey and Dawson worked in the first season of Dawson’s Creek. The tour lasted nearly 2 hours, so it was pretty awesome getting to see so much stuff.

After our tour ended, we decided to go drive around and find some of the character houses from the shows. We did have one instance of vague trespassing as we creeped up a VERY LONG road to see Dawson’s house on the actual creek. We didn’t get too close though because the owners weren’t crazy about fans stalking through their yard. It was still a very cool experience to get a glimpse of where all of these actors spent so much of their time.

Dinner was at Hell’s Kitchen (where Joey Potter worked in Dawson’s Creek during the college years) so that was super sweet, being as they haven’t really changed it a whole lot since the show. Hollywood Harry was in there, at the bar, but he didn’t see us. Oh boy.

I’m now in Greenville, NC, home of East Carolina University. I’ll hate to go back home tomorrow, just because it’s been such a great time seeing my Aunt & Uncle, Sara, and all the fun film-y things that are around this area.


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