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43 // Modern Technology

I’m at the airport right now, sitting here at my gate, writing this on my iPhone all thanks to my 3G kicking in. The WiFi sucks here, so I wasn’t able to bust out my iPad. But even so, I find it amazing to even be writing this at all. In an airport. Sans computer.

I’ve got a Nook in my lap. Not a book, mind you, but a small, baby library smiling up at me. I downloaded a few books this morning in preparation for my flight/sleepless nights. So I’m also subsequently beginning to read one now to pass the time. If I hate it, I can try another. Without flipping a page.

Every person here in this gray, USAir gate, is on some kind of electronic device. Everyone’s heads are buried in something. No one’s turning pages or scribbling in notebooks. It’s a little disconcerting, but shouldn’t I be used to it by now?

It’s nice being able to connect so easily to things we otherwise take for granted. When I arrive in North Carolina tonight, I’m excited to take a bit of disconnect from all the wired entities of the world. It’d be nice to experience something real and non-screen this weekend.


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