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My love for entering giveaways more than likely stems from my dad. I’ve discussed this before on here, my family’s collective love of free things. I’ve also got this love for all things tech-related and innovative, which also probably stems from both my dad and my grandpa. E-books are all the rage anymore, and my dad has been trying to convince me to build one for this rock-themed cookbook I wrote years ago for a tech writing class. I digress, though. Those things don’t fully have much to do with this post. I mean, they do on a surface level, I guess.

I don’t necessarily believe I have any kind of lucky streak, or dumb luck, or anything like that. But the other day I decided to enter a contest on a whim just because it was so damn easy to do. You comment on the post, you automatically get entered into the contest. Easy-peasy.

The giveaway was for a novel called “Chopsticks”, written by Jessica Anthony and designed by Rodrigo Corral. What’s cool about this book is that not only is it a sweet young adult novel about some piano prodigy who falls in love with her neighbor over a flurry of mix CDs and IM convos … it’s also an interactive tale complete with an iPhone/iPad app and website to help tell the full story.

I’ve heard the book is like an interactive scrapbook, so I’m really looking forward to receiving it in the mail (in two weeks, so says the lady at Big Honcho Media). My competition for this giveaway was fierce. A whopping 43 people entered, and they gave away 3. See my fun name written up there on the ‘Winners’ graphic? So thanks Design Work Life for letting me expand my literary palate.

Interactive books are the way of the future, kids. My dad was right.


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