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39 // Bright Patterns


I’ve got some big plans for my summer. In fact, some of them are beginning right now. Well … in a few days. I’ll be jetting to North Carolina to visit my aunt and one of my best friends in the world. Then in early July, I’m going with my cousin and two of her friends for a week-long vacation to the most magical place on Earth. My friend Amanda and Kristi want to coordinate a trip to NYC at the end of summer, and I’m fully prepared to do all of these plans.

Thinking about summer makes me happy because the thoughts of warm weather mean I get to wear colors besides my staples: black and gray. I can’t help that a lot of my closet is made of dark tones. It’s just the stuff I originally gravitate to. But summer makes me feel like I have permission to be bold and wear an array of hues. I went shopping today because I had nothing else to do, and I had heard rumblings of some decent sales going on at the mall. Surprisingly, I didn’t find a thing at any of the ‘sale’ stores … but JCPenney and Target came through in the clutch again.

I was looking for some breezy summer dresses. An outfit that is easy, but still looks fairly polished when on. I found two stellar sundresses that I absolutely can’t wait to pack in my luggage on my array of trips to places with warmer weather. One has bold stripes, the other has more decorative patterns. But I love both prints equally, and I love the cut of both dresses. I’m just really looking forward to wearing them. I think new clothes sometimes help change your perspective. I’m already starting to like the way I’m looking a bit more thanks to my diet, and I’m curious how the dresses will look come summer.

I’m a sucker for a good pattern. These ones just make me instantly feel like my toes should be in the sand, waves lapping around my ankles.


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