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36 // Project Runway

Watching Project Runway is like feeding some kind of addiction. I honestly never had much of an interest in the show for the first few seasons, but I started watching it in Season 7. My mom was always telling me about how she’d watch it on Thursday nights at home with my dad. When I was in school, I usually had stuff going on Thursday evenings, but I started watching PR online when I could.

I’m hardly any type of fashionista. There are days where my outfits don’t match, and I will sit there thinking that I totally look awesome until someone has to tell me- no, dear, those pants and that shirt just aren’t really working. I have no magical Tim Gunn in my life, have never had the cliched gay best friend to alert me when I look hideous. But watching Project Runway is a tiny indulgence that lets me passively view the fashion world without BEING in it. I buy my clothes at JCPenney, thank you. I don’t care if they’re “commercial” or “could be seen in a mall” because HELLO Project Runway producers and judges, most of America shops in malls.

Anyway. My addiction with Project Runway began in Season 7 and I’ve been a devoted fan ever since. To stem the long off-season between the winning of Gretchen Jones (HATED her), and then Anya (she kind of couldn’t sew but magically produced an impeccable outfit every single week), and the next crop of designers coming up in the not-yet-filmed Season 10, they decided to create Project Runway All Stars.

Think of it as a fashion blood-bath with the best-of-the-best from each season. I’ve enjoyed watching some new designers I wasn’t familiar with from the very early seasons duke it out with some of my favorites (hello, Mondo and Michael!!). The finale show for All Stars was tonight, and I was extremely excited about the winner. Spoiler alert, I’m about to ruin who won for you (as if you couldn’t tell already from the photo above). But my dear, quirky, shorts-wearing Mondo won the whole competition. This means he lands a fancy boutique, tons of cash and a guest editor spot at Marie Claire. I already get the mag, and now I’ll be on the look-out for any of his writing.

Season 10 starts in summer, which really isn’t that long a way off. But I loved watching All Stars this season and getting to see Michael and Mondo back to being best friends and working alongside each other all the way to the very end.


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