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I got a big shock today. A few weeks ago, I judged Moon’s regional Odyssey of the Mind competition. The whole day went by, and it was pretty fun. I was under the impression that was all I had to do. Devote a day, meet some teams, be nostalgic. But I received an email this afternoon from the coach I was volunteering for, and she alerted me that the team I had been representing had actually won in their division and problem. Meaning? They were going to States, therefore, I am going to States.

I have many amazing memories of state competitions for OM, but they all took place in Altoona, PA. This time, the competition is occurring in Williamsport, PA (wherever that is…). I’ve suddenly been roped into boarding a bus full of elementary-high school kids, plus coaches and potentially other judges for a 4 hour trek out there to spend a weekend by myself, attempting to judge a billion teams in a city I’m unfamiliar with. I don’t know tons of details, but I do know that this is very exciting. And completely unexpected. I had no clue the team had won. No idea.

So I’m trying to hammer out details before the registration date (which is Saturday … yup, nice last minute notice on this one from the coach, right?) but the coach hasn’t gotten back to me about any of my questions. Which is typical for her, it seems. I’m really hoping I figure out what I’m supposed to do, and how I’m getting there, and where I’m staying, and what exactly I’ll have to be doing.

But regardless, states!! Here I come!



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