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34 // Lots of Happy Going On

Today was a marginally better day than most. The last few months have been full of bad, bad, bad. Lots of negativity, lots of feeling down about many things. But today was fairly great, and all thanks to a strange smattering of events that I both can and can’t talk about publicly on here.

To keep it vague, so not to jinx any of these happy things, we’ll say the following:

  • A possibility of extreme change.
  • Extra money coming in due to a potential (legitimate) freelance gig.
  • Going on the very best trip ever, hopefully, in the summer with my cousin.
  • Communication that goes two ways.

I wish I could say more about all of these things, but I just can’t. But just know that today, on March 20, I found more than one thing good about my day. And that’s fabulous.



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