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33 // Pretty Little Liars

I absolutely adore ABC Family’s ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ Ever since it premiered, I’ve been a little bit obsessed with each episode. The storyline is complex, it keeps you guessing constantly and it keeps me tuning in week after week. The whole show is one giant puzzle trying to be solved by the four main characters. They’re trying to solve their friend’s murder, while simultaneously clearing their own names.

Tonight, we find out who the elusive “A” is. I’ve been waiting for this moment since the beginning and I’ve guessed a different person as “A” just about every week. I wonder if I’m anywhere close to being right. Technically, Pretty Little Liars started at 8 EST. I was out walking with Bella though, so I’ll be tuning in at 10. I’ve been trying hard to stay off Facebook and I don’t want anyone ruining this for me.

So for now, I’ll remain in the dark.


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