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31 // Bumping Into People

First of all, before I even finish this post — happy 1 month of blogging to me! I’ve stuck with this for 31 days so far, and I’m fairly proud of myself. I usually have so much trouble sticking to anything really, but this blog has been chugging right along. I don’t know how many people are really that interested in the day-to-day good in my life, but for those of you reading (and possibly those of you getting inspired), I appreciate it all!

Now, onto the good thing of today. I could’ve talked about my fabulous lunch I made (Skinny Taste’s shrimp, greek yogurt, celery, light mayo, onion dip layered on a cucumber slice, topped on a piece of whole wheat toast!!!!!) but I think my food posts become a little boring sometimes. But I’m totally pumped that I’ve been cooking more, making more things, etc.

In usual fashion, I’ve been pushing myself to exercise more. Get out and walk some. So like any dull Saturday, I took Bella out with me into the 70 degree weather. It was super hot and I worked up a sweat. I took the typical trek down to the end of my neighborhood, and I happened upon one of my former friend’s dad doing some yardwork.

Back when I was in seventh grade, one of my best friends passed away. She was from my neighborhood and we hung out together constantly. Her parents knew me probably just as well as my own did. In the years that have passed, I know I don’t see them as much as I should. I used to see her younger brother more back when we were both in high school. He did band, and I tried to help him adjust to the whole activity and all the people.

So seeing her dad today made me happy. I stopped with Bella and chatted with him for a little while. We caught up on what’s been going on with his son, what’s been going on with me. I told him to say hello to the rest of his family, and I let him get back to his work.

It’s nice to still be able to see them every so often. I can honestly admit that it still is hard for me sometimes to see them, just because of how everything happened. That kind of thing sticks with you. But I’m glad I got to talk a little bit to him. He seemed really happy to see me, plus I got to play with their dog.


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