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29 // Not Sweating the Small Stuff

So yesterday, I had a pretty terrible day. I came home feeling defeated and completely lost about what I was doing with my life. If anyone knows me, they know that I get very hard on myself. I was in a haze of frustration, anger and sadness yesterday and I let myself wallow (to an extent) for the evening.

I knew today that I’d have to face the music and just try to come out of things on top. It’s sometimes hard to see a silver lining. There have been many times in my limited life experience where I just need a kick in the ass to get myself to do something. To put a fire under me, so to speak.

I think today, I successfully channeled all of my negative energy into something positive. I worked at something, I kept my mind open and I tried not to get too wrapped up in what I was doing. And so far, things have turned out alright.

I titled this post, ‘Not Sweating the Small Stuff’, as a reminder that I don’t always have to think everything signifies the world is ending. That opinions and perceptions can always change, even if you’re feeling like everything you do is constantly wrong.

It’s easy to dig a hole and climb in.

What’s harder, and all the more gratifying, is clawing your way out with some dirt under your nails.



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