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24 // Hofbrauhaus

This is a late post, I know! I was running around all day yesterday doing all kinds of things, and I didn’t have time to write. But last night, I went to Hofbrauhaus for my friend Amanda’s 24th birthday. She usually likes going here for her birthday. Since Saturday has been deemed my day to eat whatever I’d like, I ordered the Jaegerschnitzel with buttered spaetzle and german potato salad. I got one of the light beers, and all of it was way tasty. We didn’t get to sit in the Bier Hall but that was okay with me. We were out in the side dining room, and you can actually hear yourself think in there. There were a bunch of people there that I went to college with, so it was nice seeing them. I did one of the Shotskis. Haven’t done that since New Year’s. It’s kind of embarrassing because the entire room looks at you while you’re doing it and starts cheering and clapping, but we all survived.


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