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19 // Working by a River

I think that living around bridges my entire life has desensitized me to the actual beauty of rivers. Since I hail from the city that is famous for not just one, but three of them, those bodies have water have never impressed me much. You see one, you see them all. I left work late tonight, which I had been planning on. I was one of the last few cars in the parking lot and the sky was starting to grow darker and darker with every step that I took.

I work very close to one of the rivers and there are many days where I forget that fact. I’ll get out of my car without even glancing at the water, so focused on just getting inside the big brick building to toil away without even a window to look out of. But as I left work tonight, I found all of the scenery in front of me to be strikingly beautiful. The sky was beginning to look like dark ink spreading all over, and amid the hills past the Strip District, all of the houses and buildings looked like tiny torches aflame. The river was ever present beneath all of that, and I wanted to just take a photo.

Thanks to my iPhone’s terrible photo quality anytime you zoom, the effect isn’t nearly as good as what I saw in person. The river and the surrounding lights and trees looked almost ethereal. When it gets nicer, I’ll probably spend a bit more time observing the water. I’m jealous of the people who own the boats around the marina. It’d be nice to take off whenever you want, sailing around Pittsburgh.


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