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18 // Snow Globes


When I was younger, I collected snow globes. I don’t know why I liked them so much. Maybe it was because a whole world was captured, picture perfect, behind glass. In that little bubble, it always snowed just enough and looked lovely every day. The world can be an ugly place. With the changing seasons, you never know if you’re going to be stuck among gray slush and freezing wind. At least in a snow globe, there is consistency in the beauty.

I went for a walk today, under the impression that the weather would stay halfway decent as I went along. When I started out, it looked sunny enough. Me and Bella were chugging along. Then the snow started. Little flakes at first, but for a solid ten minutes it honestly felt like we were stuck in a snow globe. The flakes were huge and fluffy, spinning around us and falling lightly on my jacket and on Bella’s nose. We stopped for a minute because I think we were both a little numb from the cold, and just stood there. For a tiny bit of a time, it felt like we were in that picture-perfect bubble. Consistent beauty. But just as fast as it started, the snow stopped. All I felt was the cold wind and no flakes on my eyelashes.

All I can hope for the next time I’m outside is for someone to wind up the snow globe again, and shake it just enough for the world to look pretty and white.



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