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Monthly Archives: March 2012

45 // Kooky Tour Guides

Today was Round 2 of my “Stalk-the-Dawson’s-Creek-and-One-Tree-Hill-Film-Locations-Plus-Get-Some-Sun” vacation, and the town of Wilmington did not disappoint again. Sara and I have managed to cross a lot of ground and have seen all kinds of things related to Dawson, OTH plus some other random movies (A Walk to Remember, for example). We did some exploring on our own today, starting at Port City Java (the exterior served as Karen’s Cafe during the first season of OTH, and right across the street is the now-empty storefront of Brooke’s ‘Clothes Over Bros.’) and then heading off to wander about downtown Wilmington. It was a little rainy today, but we managed to pack in seeing a LOT of stuff.

One of the highlights of the day was taking a guided walking tour. We signed up for this tour but weren’t sure what to expect. Some reviews claimed the tour guide really ‘made’ your tour, and the guy we had leading us around was by far one of the most quirky individuals I’ve ever met. His name was Hollywood Harry. That will give you an idea of what he was like. Decked out in a crazy hat with purple jewels hanging off the rim, yellow-tinted sunglasses and some Dawson’s Creek postcard memorabilia stashed in his shirt pocket, he could’ve gone either way – totally crazy tour guide, or ridiculously knowledgable. Luckily for us, he was well-versed in all things Dawson/OTH related.

We walked all over downtown, seeing locations and snapping photos, listening to Harry ramble about all kinds of crazy things. We got to see the alleyway that Mandy Moore and Shane West walked down for A Walk to Remember, the one where she tells him she’s sick. We saw where Nathan from OTH gets shoved out of a window and gets his crippling injury. We got to see the video store exterior where Pacey and Dawson worked in the first season of Dawson’s Creek. The tour lasted nearly 2 hours, so it was pretty awesome getting to see so much stuff.

After our tour ended, we decided to go drive around and find some of the character houses from the shows. We did have one instance of vague trespassing as we creeped up a VERY LONG road to see Dawson’s house on the actual creek. We didn’t get too close though because the owners weren’t crazy about fans stalking through their yard. It was still a very cool experience to get a glimpse of where all of these actors spent so much of their time.

Dinner was at Hell’s Kitchen (where Joey Potter worked in Dawson’s Creek during the college years) so that was super sweet, being as they haven’t really changed it a whole lot since the show. Hollywood Harry was in there, at the bar, but he didn’t see us. Oh boy.

I’m now in Greenville, NC, home of East Carolina University. I’ll hate to go back home tomorrow, just because it’s been such a great time seeing my Aunt & Uncle, Sara, and all the fun film-y things that are around this area.


44 // Dawson’s Creek


Oh, hey Capeside High!

Today has been a great day of my weekend-long vacation. I got to hang out with my aunt and uncle last night and today, Sara picked me up and we drove to Wilmington!! We’ve spent a large portion of our day stalking previous film locations of Dawson’s Creek. It’s been really fun and we’ve seen a lot of places.

My favorite so far? Airlie Gardens, where Dawson and Jen snuck off to do their romantic scene in Dawson’s horrible movie… only to stumble upon Pacey with his much older teacher lady friend, Miss Tamara Jacobs.

Cue Paula Cole’s “I Don’t Want to Wait.”

43 // Modern Technology

I’m at the airport right now, sitting here at my gate, writing this on my iPhone all thanks to my 3G kicking in. The WiFi sucks here, so I wasn’t able to bust out my iPad. But even so, I find it amazing to even be writing this at all. In an airport. Sans computer.

I’ve got a Nook in my lap. Not a book, mind you, but a small, baby library smiling up at me. I downloaded a few books this morning in preparation for my flight/sleepless nights. So I’m also subsequently beginning to read one now to pass the time. If I hate it, I can try another. Without flipping a page.

Every person here in this gray, USAir gate, is on some kind of electronic device. Everyone’s heads are buried in something. No one’s turning pages or scribbling in notebooks. It’s a little disconcerting, but shouldn’t I be used to it by now?

It’s nice being able to connect so easily to things we otherwise take for granted. When I arrive in North Carolina tonight, I’m excited to take a bit of disconnect from all the wired entities of the world. It’d be nice to experience something real and non-screen this weekend.

42 // Chinese Food

Today has not been all good. In fact, quite a few things seemed to be going wrong for most of the day. But there was a bright spot. The 2-hour meeting I attended in the middle of the day. For my job, I sometimes have to attend meetings that are held off-site from our offices, and today was one of those meetings. A few co-workers and I met for lunch at Sesame Inn, a great Chinese restaurant in Station Square.  I was a little hesitant on ordering Chinese food. I wasn’t so sure I’d be able to find something that was *vaguely* healthy. I ended up ordering an egg roll (I know, I know … I should’ve went with Wonton Soup but frankly, I can’t turn down egg rolls) and then I got steamed rice with veggies and chicken. It was pretty tasty, and I had a lot of it leftover to bring home. Sesame Inn makes me really appreciate the stark difference in cuisine from one Chinese place to the next. Back in college, my friends and I were obsessed with this place called King Buffet. They had everything any half-hungover college student would want: delicious, cheap, greasy Chinese goodness. But today’s meal made me appreciate the fact that you don’t have to feel like death after eating something delicious. So kudos to you, Sesame Inn, for offering “lighter fare” even if it’s not really that much better for you in the end.

41 // Finding Time to Read

Books have always held near mythical powers for me. From the minute I started knowing how to read, my love of words has only grown and grown. On family trips, when I tired of the books I had stashed in my backpack, I began to make up my own. Sir Chompers comes to mind as the most clearly-thought-out idea of my kid-writing days. I had pages of pages scribbled in a notebook about this dog, Sir Chompers, who accidentally becomes owned by a royal family. He becomes a detective with his Scottie dog pal, brilliantly named “Scottie.” They solve various mysteries in exotic locations. Sort of an Indiana Jones meets Wishbone meets Nancy Drew kind of deal, only the main characters are dogs. Why Sir Chompers is royal, I don’t know. Perhaps it was my 8-year-old brain’s way of justifying his costly travel plans with Scottie. I turned over this idea in my mind of really digging into the children’s-book-that-was concept at one point a few months ago. I had it in my head that I’d really flesh out this ridiculous series and try to shop it around as a children’s/middle-grade book. Somewhere along my scatterbrained dreaming, I forgot all about the idea. Until now, of course.

I’ve written other things in the past. Short stories for college, novels-in-progress that are still stick in an elusive, murky area of unclear plot direction. I’ve written tall tales of evil substitute teachers, scary Halloween happenings, elephants learning to roller skate. Being a writer is what I’ve always said I really want to do. One of these days, I need to make it a reality or my passion for creating worlds in which to escape will be wasted.

I had some downtime tonight where nothing good was on television, and my desire to go outside and exercise was low. I bought a new book recently at the Half Price Bookstore. Written by Steve Martin, entitled “An Object of Beauty.” Art-lit isn’t really my thing, usually. This whole novel circles around Lacey, and this narrator who I don’t believe really even has a name right now, and it gives readers a peak into the glamourous New York art-buying world. Sotheby’s. The like. Steve Martin wrote Shopgirl, which I never read. But I loved the movie. The cover grabbed me, so I purchased on a whim.

It has been nice reading something that challenges me a little. For the last few hours, I haven’t been sitting on my couch nibbling on chips and salsa. I’ve been traipsing through New York in search of the perfect Avery painting, jetting off to Russia with two creepy, sexually-deviant co-workers, buying an apartment due to my sudden wealth and success through some kind of illegal means. I’ve been traveling, breathing, loving, playing, seducing and critiquing my way through the New York art scene. It’s been a nice little vacation, though only temporary.

Words have that kind of power over me. Making me forget where I am and what my situation is. It’s nice to try someone else’s fictional life on for a while.


40 // Contests


My love for entering giveaways more than likely stems from my dad. I’ve discussed this before on here, my family’s collective love of free things. I’ve also got this love for all things tech-related and innovative, which also probably stems from both my dad and my grandpa. E-books are all the rage anymore, and my dad has been trying to convince me to build one for this rock-themed cookbook I wrote years ago for a tech writing class. I digress, though. Those things don’t fully have much to do with this post. I mean, they do on a surface level, I guess.

I don’t necessarily believe I have any kind of lucky streak, or dumb luck, or anything like that. But the other day I decided to enter a contest on a whim just because it was so damn easy to do. You comment on the post, you automatically get entered into the contest. Easy-peasy.

The giveaway was for a novel called “Chopsticks”, written by Jessica Anthony and designed by Rodrigo Corral. What’s cool about this book is that not only is it a sweet young adult novel about some piano prodigy who falls in love with her neighbor over a flurry of mix CDs and IM convos … it’s also an interactive tale complete with an iPhone/iPad app and website to help tell the full story.

I’ve heard the book is like an interactive scrapbook, so I’m really looking forward to receiving it in the mail (in two weeks, so says the lady at Big Honcho Media). My competition for this giveaway was fierce. A whopping 43 people entered, and they gave away 3. See my fun name written up there on the ‘Winners’ graphic? So thanks Design Work Life for letting me expand my literary palate.

Interactive books are the way of the future, kids. My dad was right.

39 // Bright Patterns


I’ve got some big plans for my summer. In fact, some of them are beginning right now. Well … in a few days. I’ll be jetting to North Carolina to visit my aunt and one of my best friends in the world. Then in early July, I’m going with my cousin and two of her friends for a week-long vacation to the most magical place on Earth. My friend Amanda and Kristi want to coordinate a trip to NYC at the end of summer, and I’m fully prepared to do all of these plans.

Thinking about summer makes me happy because the thoughts of warm weather mean I get to wear colors besides my staples: black and gray. I can’t help that a lot of my closet is made of dark tones. It’s just the stuff I originally gravitate to. But summer makes me feel like I have permission to be bold and wear an array of hues. I went shopping today because I had nothing else to do, and I had heard rumblings of some decent sales going on at the mall. Surprisingly, I didn’t find a thing at any of the ‘sale’ stores … but JCPenney and Target came through in the clutch again.

I was looking for some breezy summer dresses. An outfit that is easy, but still looks fairly polished when on. I found two stellar sundresses that I absolutely can’t wait to pack in my luggage on my array of trips to places with warmer weather. One has bold stripes, the other has more decorative patterns. But I love both prints equally, and I love the cut of both dresses. I’m just really looking forward to wearing them. I think new clothes sometimes help change your perspective. I’m already starting to like the way I’m looking a bit more thanks to my diet, and I’m curious how the dresses will look come summer.

I’m a sucker for a good pattern. These ones just make me instantly feel like my toes should be in the sand, waves lapping around my ankles.