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13 // Free Pancakes

Let’s just face it right now. The concept of free anything in my family is something we can’t ever pass up. If there is a giveaway, we will be there. Radio contest? Entered. Free food? OF COURSE WE’D LIKE A PLATE.

So is it really any surprise to anyone that my parents and I were pumped for National Pancake Day? iHop designates this day, once a year, to give away free short stacks of buttermilk pancakes to anyone who wants one. They ask you to make donations while you’re there (which I did, thank you, $3), which I believe went to Children’s Hospital, so that made me feel nice and community-oriented.

Of course, the pancakes were pretty tasty too. iHop was always one of those mythical places to me for while I was growing up. I remember when we’d come across one in Florida or North Carolina during vacations and school trips. iHop was a staple of “Southern breakfast restaurant that you have to visit after driving in a car for a terrible amount of hours.” When they finally (FINALLY!) brought one close to my hometown, I couldn’t wait to drown myself in pancakey, syrupy goodness.

All in all, free pancakes on any day is quite fine with me.


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  1. I only ever went to IHOP on vacations too!


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