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9 // Having the House to Myself

I have been dying for an apartment for about a year. It’s one of those great life transitions that I feel I should experience, and I thought I had it worked out. I secured that elusive ‘real job’ after graduating college. I would stay with my parents until I saved enough money, preferably only a quick 6-month ordeal, and then I’d be off on my own in some fabulous apartment furnished with Ikea furniture and mood lighting.

Fast forward to a full year and then some since I started my job and moved back in with my parents. I’m still here. Laughing at my naievity in how the real world would be once I got that college degree.

Now. I have to admit it’s very nice to not have bills. I don’t pay rent, heat, water, any of that. But the wanting of my own space is so apparent. I’m almost 24. I need my own place to just be. I love my parents and it’s nice having their company, but I want that little slice of independence. Due to a myriad of reasons, the whole apartment thing just hasn’t happened yet.

But that’s why I like nights like tonight. I have the house to myself. My parents are off at some thing at Dave and Buster’s, and I’m alone. Sitting on the couch in my pajamas with my dog. I’ve got a sandwich with my name on it and I might watch some TV and just revel in the alone-ness of it all. I’m a little bit of a homebody. I’m very aware of it. But it’s nice to come home and clear your head. To just be by yourself for some time. No one asking you questions, no one trying to make you do things. Just you.

So tonight, for a while, I’m on my own. Miss Kelly Clarkson said it best: “Doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone.”


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  1. I love being alone and I love that quote from the song!

  2. Amber! This post is everything going through my head right now and more! I also will be 24 this year and am still in college living in a 2 bedroom dorm with 3 other people… I do not regret coming to NYC for this final year of school but am also yearning to be on my own. After looking for entry level jobs in NYC which don’t really exist/their small salary/how much rent would be….. I AM STARTING TO FREAK OUT! haha At this rate if I stay I will literally be living in a small closet with another person for a small cost of $1,300/month. I never thought I would consider moving back to Pittsburgh/ back in with my parents until this past week. And the 6 month limit instantly popped into my head haha but the living for free thing seems so appealing! Sorry for my rant, but I know exactly where you’re coming from!


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