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1 // Dark Chocolate

I’m a big fan of dark chocolate. My parents got me these for Valentine’s Day since they realized I would more than likely be painfully aware of my ‘single’ status. Nothing says ‘go find a new boyfriend’ like sitting on the couch, hoarding candy, right? I brought these to work today as a sweet snack to help me get through my morning. I think the world always feels a little better when chocolate is added to the mix.

Plus, dark chocolate is supposed to be better for you than milk. If I’m being honest though, I’ll always pick milk chocolate over dark. But Dove knows what they’re doing with this type of chocolate. It’s not too bitter, like other dark varieties I’ve had in the past. Also, fun fact. Dove puts little mini-fortunes on the inside of all their wrappers. When I was just starting college, my friends and I were obsessed with the Dove chocolate squares. I’d save every wrapper that seemed pertinent to my life. I have them packed away in some journal somewhere.

I think Dove fortunes are better, sometimes, than ones right out of a fortune cookie.


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